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Life of FreakinMi

A climpse into a perverted mind

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Welcome to my Journal
Want to dress up King and Maru? Play the game here!

Friending rules:
I'm not picky, but it would be great if we have something in common. Like anime or pure interest in gay men. To be added as my friend you need to have talked with me at least once =D Comment-talk will do just fine ;D

> Icons made by me, these can be of any rating, hence the above warning. Reached: 600 icons and counting
> My FO'd real life rants.
> My FO'd meme's

Download my yaoi!
Feel free to download my collection of Bleach fanart here ♥ More to come during the summer.  

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*looks at location* Oh are you now? No wonder it's so hot in here. XD

Heh, it was what came to mind first when I thought about where I'd want to be.

Hey! You commented on my icons and I thought it'd be a pretty nice gesture to add you! :D

Hello! Please add me - want to see more of your twist on Bleach :)

Huhu, I saw your post on the Ichi/Kon fic that figaro_figaro wrote, and I heard you got some fanarts which I would freaking love to see. :D

Hahah :D
By all means, spoil yourself then! I will add you in a jiffy <3

(Deleted comment)
Oops, never got around to adding you back =0 *facepalms*
Will do right away!

I'd like to be Friends if you'd add me back. ^_^

xD haha, trust issues?

Wants to see fanarts plz? Saw you on figaro_figaro's profile:)

Figaro, eh? Man that girl is just all over the place xD
But of course - go have loads of fun with my collection ^^ I'm going to update with a bunch of pictures in a few days though =D

haha, I'm on the front page! XD

Indeed you are xD
Hvae you noticed the change from this picture to the one I send you? Made a mistake I'm sure to make again on the first one xD

I love your animated 100x100 squares of hilarity - I mean icons. <3 Can I add you as a friend?

Why of course! And I'll ad you right back =)

(Deleted comment)
=D haha, well, thanks for dropping a note then! Please feel free to lurk any time!

(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
I'll just come out and say: figaro_figaro made me do it! She's been pimping you like nobody's business and made me gawk over your awesome icons. XD So yeah, mind if I friend you for future ones? :D

xD Haha, she's a cute one that figaro.. do give her my thanks for bringing you over and tell her I'll be happy to many many more to the rainbow side of the force!

Thanks for gawking icons, and do come back =3 I have the one you're using now aswell. Ichigo in glasses has never looked hotter *wipes drool*

Hi, we haven't said too much to each other but I think our common friends and love of Bleach might be enough. I do have several of your icons already in use. Can I friend you????

Haha, it's more than fine! I remember seing your name on a lot of things so of course we should totally hook up!

should I watch durara until the end? I am around chapter 18 and it is starting to be boring to me :/

I very much enjoyed your progress on the dating sim and I downloaded all the fan art... *drools*

Anyways, friended cuz you seem like a provider of awesome things!

Bwahaha =) Been way to inactive on lj for way to long! Sorry for the long wait for a reply!

I've seen a lot of the awesome stuff you've put out there <3 Am happy to be friended =3

hey you seem like a really cool person would you mind if i friend you. I think we have similar interests (YAOI!)

=D Hi there and sorry for the late reply!

Why thank you! And no, I wouldn't mind at all! Yaoi connects so well <3