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101 Bleach Icons - 74 Animated [Episode 286-292]
ichigo beard


Yeah so, last time I took a three month break making icons, now it's four months! The break keeps getting longer! I blame school, but since there's only one semester left now, it shouldn't be that bad =3

So with no further ado; I bring you my biggest amount of icons ever posted at one time:

101 Bleach icons [2 messed up at upload, I'll at them later since it's bedtime here~]

Dorm Rules:
♠ Comments are loved 
♥ Credit is extremely nice, but not required
♣ Yes, you can has my icons as bases (and I'd like to see what you do to them)
♦ Notlinking? Well, okay then...

✖ Any text can be placed on any icon at request.
✖ Bad Touch Aizen/Ichigo id dedicated to CAPSLOCK BLEACH, since the original photoshopper posted there =)
✖ And then yeah, I dunno how many of these icons have already been made since it's some pretty old episodes (I'm going to catch up, don't ya worry!), but I hope that most of them will be new to you.



















Messed up at upload, will be added as soon as they are fixed.














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Oh man, all of your Aizen bitchcurl ones are epic, as are all of your RukiRuki ones <3
Very good indeed, will probably snag one when I'm more awake and able to choose.

Thank you =3
I did have lot's of good material to work from with the curl though ;D Were tempted to do a bit more~

Awesome animated icons! Thanks for sharing :)

Thank you and thanks for commenting =)

You're so pro at making EPIC icons!
If you don't mind...I'll be taking some with credit n_n

Haha >:D Thanks a lot dude ♥
And please, take as many as you want!

Snagged a couple, will credit! Thank you for sharing =)

28 is my absolute favorite in the batch. It makes me giggle. XD Your awesomeness overflows~ <3

And there's just so many eye-shots!

Haha xD it goes well with my KazeshinixBaby get off my foot one. And thanks love <3 I know something else that overflows as well ;D ~~

You are correct, there's many, many eyes in here. I could even have done more!

i love this!!! thank you!

=3 It's a beautiful shot of Ichigo as well <3 He looks so fine~

Thank you for using!

(Deleted comment)
Take some with credits!

Yeah, she's had some really pretty shots in thpse episodes =3

Taking Byakuya's smileocalypse and Chigo's manry chest. And a few others. Epic batch. :D

Thanks a lot dude =D
I love those chest shots <3

omg, they made me laugh so hard, cant stand that. Rape in 3, 2 ... is my absolutly favourite *dies of laughing* great job and thanx for sharing

:D I'm really happy to hear that!!
I couldn't stop thinking that it looked like Kenny was going to rape Ichi through that entire scene, so of course I had to make an icon with it! And the subtitles only added more to the mix <3

Thanks for liking and commenting!

animated icons are awesome :D
taking nº1, will credit~

Thanks a lot =3
I'm way better at the animated ones than the "normal" xD

You picked my personal favorite ;D Thank you!

Just rewatched the 10th anniversary episode, and voilà, icons :D
Awesome choices, I'll take some and credit you :D

Haha, it fits so fine!
Thanks a lot, dude :D

Aaaaaaaand, Ikkaku is now my default icon. Your mad skillz (and sense of humor) are much appreciated, yo. >w<b

xD awesome!
And thank you so much :3 *loves*

Ganked a whole bunch, I do love your icons :D

Ah~ now here's an old face! Or.. username, but still :3
Thanks for always coming by! Am really happy you love them so <3


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