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Life of FreakinMi

A climpse into a perverted mind

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Life and whatnot.

So. I'm totally happy with my Grimmjow and decided to upload him for your viewing pleasure.
Get ready to date him soon.

(4th option might change ;P )

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Fuck yes, I can't wait!!! He looks amazing! 8)
Also I'll be disappoint if you remove the fourth option. ;D

I agree with Sensei! 4th option is a must! You can't take it away from us!!! XD

I will let you battle for it. No smexing without annoying foreplay of trying to score him!

Sure! I'm planning on spending hours on scoring him and Kisuke. I'll be needing lots of relaxing after work.

Bedtime for today. Finished drawing those two characters and managed to make a basic way to gain exp through the talk function =P

Now I kinda just need some stuff the characters would want to talk about xD

Those two? As in Grimm and Geta-boushi? XD

Yup, had a hard time finding something with Urahara I wanted to do ='|
Oh well. I'll consider giving him his hat back later...

You took away his hat? You monster XD. I hope you at least let him have his geta XD

He can't wait for you either >:]
Well, the fourth button appearing is kinda what the game is all about, hon ;)

*desperately tries to press the fourth button* Fuck, damn, woman! This is going to be this summer's absolute hit, hands down. XDDD I can't wait for it to be finished!


Oh I definately hope so! Would be sad to spend this many hours and not get any players xD

Let's see. Right now I've spend like... 70-80 hours. And there's at least 100 more to go.





That's some hot piece of muscle.

Give him to me.

. . . .

*backs away* O-okay.. I'll send you the beta version in an hour or two.


LJ has been slow on delivering responses to my mail lately >_> I've already played and sent it back to you <3 I nearly died when I opened my life mail this morning and saw that it had arrived.

I might get back with a more developed answer on 6,7 & 8 - JSYK xD

I-I don't know how I ended up here, really ... but I need this in my life. Like now.

The hotnessss~

I would play this until my fingers bled. Who is the character you play as?

You play as Ichigo =)

You see more previews on my DA account; same name as here =)


OMG! This is great work! I'd be happy to give him a test run :D
Please send this to me. If I actually got to touch him, I think I'd explode on contact!

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