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Life of FreakinMi

A climpse into a perverted mind

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Bleach Dating Sim [Yaoi]

Well, just felt like letting you guys know how far along I am with this project.

Percent done: 30%

I base this on the fact that I've done the intro 'movie' and am 80% done with all the stuff not concerning the actual dating part .
And I've only used 4 days so far. My arm is kinda hurting from all the working (spend like 8-14 hours on it daily), but since it's all working and not giving me any problems I just can't stop.

I'm pretty sure I'll manage to get it done within a month.

Anyways, this also means I'm looking for BETA TESTERS!
(No, Mar, you don't have to apply, I'm going to force you to do it anyway).
Just about two-three people will do, preferrably someone who's fucking good at English to check my spelling and grammar, and someone who likes to go into details and good at pointing out things to improve. Also if you have MSN that's a plus. Expect me to spam you with stuff to test and pictures to decide what layout is better.

Also, what is you guys' oppinion on sex scenes? Should I keep the material shounen-ai and leave the rest to your minds, or should I do some short animations that would automaticly ban me from a lot of places?


Maybe I should have done a poll for what characters people want instead of just taking the ones I wanted to do xD

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Hooo! I can't wait for this to be finished! XD

xD Strangely enough I can't really wait that much either. I think that's the reason I'm working so hard on it these days.

I WANT TO APPLY!!! Give it to meeeeeee

...my comp is a bit so so, so if it dosn't take a whole lot of it I should be able to do it - and I'm free, so you can spam me how much you want <3

Some graphic sex is always nice... really nice... *_*

And, your choise of characters are probably great :D You do have Grimmy in there, right?


Will be more than happy to 'hire' you ;3

How do you prefer to be spammed? As soon as I finish the "engine" (everything besides the actual dating part) I will send you a version to look at so I can edit it.

1-0 for graphic sex then ;p

Yes, it has Grimmjow xD Was kinda mandatory. It has 5 dateable characters. Plus a few characters that just talk, like Hana and Shinji.

You can write up 2-0 on the board, btw. XD

Will do.

Oh, 3-0 now even!

mail, or MSN? (mand_10@hotmail.com) I'm not in on msn so much, but I check my life at least three times a day.

Oh, which are the chars? I wanna know... but still I want it to be a suprise... I don't know.

Haha, I thought that I would type mail, but my fingers typed life.. O_O Newly awoken fingers gives the thruth xD


xD I loved that sentence. "I check my life", it's so awesome it's going in the quote book!

How about you try to guess the characters then? and I will then not tell you if you are wrong (tries to be secretive)

Haha, yeah xD

Well, we already know Grimmy so.. four more right? Then, Ichi <3 and as far as I know, you're a Urahara fan too, so Urahara. Then, uh, now it became hard. Renji, cuz I love him xD Would be fun if Kon or Hichigo was in too? Still, I have a feeling of Shuu-chan U_U

lol, I'm guessing at too manny xD

Ichigo is the character you "control". It is a yaoi game after all =P Ah yes, busted. I'm a sucker for Kisuke. I adore him so fucking much I want to be him xD Am not really a Renji fan, but.. yeah.. mandatory xD *is silent at the mention of Kon* No Shuu, sadly.

But at least you'll get so see during next week xD Am busy trying that life thing this entire weekend, so I'll get back to working Monday.

Oooh, next week already? Fuckin' sweet! <3<3<3<3

Haha, yeah, go and try that life thing - maybe you'll find it fun xD

Ah, life is exhausting! I feel so tired after spending the entire weekend trying it out =0

Yup, will send you a very-much-beta version next week ^^ But will add commented to it at that time to let you know what I'd like you to check and comment on ^^

3-0 for animations that will ban you from lots of places. XD

Ooh. I don' mind being beta! ^__^ Work hard! You can do it! But please do take occasional breaks lol.

Right. Breaks. What is that again? =P

No worries though, this entire weekend is a break ^^
And I'll write ya up as beta. How do you prefer your spam in the morning during next week?

Preferably with eggs. XD I just gave you my email? :)


You did and I added and we're totally talking right now xD

And I'll see what I can do about the eggs ;)

And it Has to be graphic sex yesh XD
OHH grimjow how i look foward to dating you

can't wait can't wait

ahhhh i wanna sex with grimmjow

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